Find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor or Practitioner

Find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) or practitioner in your area.  Help is available in the search.  Such help likely saved my life!

It can be a great challenge to find a physician willing to treat Lyme Disease in most areas of Canada, as well as in the United States, and many other countries.  There is support and there are folks with hints and directions on how to find a Lyme Literate Practitioner in your area.  Remember that many MDs you may discover are often working under the radar and do not want to have their work openly advertised.  Please respect that.

In Canada, as of the summer of 2017, it is now being reported that 100% of medical doctors who were treating chronic or long term Lyme disease in Canada have been shut down.  We have heard “through the gravevine” that this isn’t completely true, but it is true that no MDs are openly treating anthing but the acute form of the disease now in Canada.

With that said, there is help!  If you are having difficulty finding a doctor in your area, use our Contact page to request help.  We do not need your physical address, but we DO need your email address and location (City plus State or Province plus Country).  We have access to information that we cannot publish online or can send you to those who have that kind of access.

Lyme disease is a world wide problem, at least in the northern hemisphere.  If you are in Europe, we have some hope for you, as well.

Please note:  This site is not for the diagnosis or treatment of any kind of disease or health issue!  It is here for informational purposes and advocacy, only.  Lyme disease and its associated diseases is a very complex issue and the challenges are many.  We hope the information and links provided here can help you to find the help you need.