The Cowden Protocol

The Cowden Protocol for Lyme and Associated Diseases

The Cowden Protocol is something I am asked about from time to time by some of the fine people who call looking for treatment.   They often know a bit about what it is, but also want to know if it works.

What is the Cowden Protocol?

First of all, the name came from the person who created it, William Lee Cowden, MD.  The protocol, or treatment regimen, was developed to treat late stage Borreliosis (often called Lyme disease) and associated diseases (common coinfections).

Rather than go into great and unnecessary detail here, I will provide a direct link to a description of the protocol, HERE.  While the temptation may be great, as I can understand from being desperate for anything that offered any hope of recovery, don’t try to buy any products on that page.  You can get them for a 25% discount on their other site, which I will give you the link to later in this article.


No two people are exactly the same.  You may have Lyme disease and I may have Lyme disease, but we probably would have two different strains of Borrelia and who know what combination of coinfections.  Seek a health professional.  This website is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.  It is designed to help you get the help you need.

REMEMBER!  Having a mysterious, as yet undiagnosed illness does not mean you have Lyme disease!  Get diagnosed.  If you try treating yourself for a disease you do not have, it’s highly unlikely you will get well, and it can be very, very expensive.

According to the information given me, there are people who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, who have gone on the Cowden Protocol, who claim to have recovered.  What that tells me is that one of the things you should ask your LLMP about is the Cowden Protocol and if it’s a good thing for you to try.   (LLMP = Lyme Literate Medical Practitioners, which I GREATLY prefer to the term Lyme Literate Medical Doctor or LLMD, which implies that only allopathic doctors can help you get well.)

After being misdiagnosed and therefore incorrectly treated several times, I was virtually bedridden.  I was finally correctly diagnosed, first by a well known LLMD, later backed up by a diagnosis from my present LLMP and Western Blot.   I have been on several protocols, including the Cowden Protocol.  Whether it was due to previous incorrect treatments or something else, we did not notice a lasting improvement in my health on the Cowden Protocol.

In my case, antibiotic treatment, which needs to be changed regularly, seems to be a very necessary part of treatment.  Without them, I begin to go downhill very quickly after a month or so.  With them, I stay on my feet, but have not been able to get well.  It’s a complex disease, and again, everyone is a little different.  I am very blessed to have an LLMP to look after me.  I know I would be bedridden and perhaps even dead, were it not for his care.

You are not me, but you still need to find a doctor to treat you properly.  It’s very dangerous to self diagnose and even more dangerous to self medicate.  Lyme disease can and does make people very sick.  Antibiotics, including natural ones, also can make people very sick, and have killed many people.  They are often necessary, but also carry risks of their own.

If it was me, back before I found my present doctor, when I couldn’t find a doctor who would treat me, I would have tried the Cowden Protocol if I had known about it.  I was desperate.  It is possible that I would have been able to get back on my feet, but now, having tried it under a doctor’s care, I know it wouldn’t have been enough.  Still, anything would have been better than where I was.

Hopefully, you can find a LLMP.  They are getting harder to find, due in part to being overbooked, because there are so few.   I will help anyone who calls if I possibly can.  It can be difficult to reach me, at times, due to my own health struggles.  Simply put, I have to prioritize the time I have when I’m not worn out.

The tide is slowly turning, as more and more pressure is begin put on the established medical community as public awareness grows.  Keep on sharing anything you find on social media and with your friends and local media, too.

The Cowden Protocol can be found HERE on their other site.  You can get them there for a 25% discount with Code TAF15.


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