Lyme Disease Co-infections Best Test


Lyme Disease Co-infections – Best test for Lyme co-infections?

Lyme disease co-infections also need accurate tests, as they can help in the overall treatment protocol. The fact is, most people with Lyme disease DO have a number of co-infections. I also have Bartonella (persistent) and Babesiosis (also persistent). There are indicators of others, as well, but they are inconclusive.

Bartonella bacterium
Bartonella bacterium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should Lyme patients be concerned about Bartonella? Commonly associated with Cat Scratch Disease (CSD), this bacteria is also commonly included in the toxic waste dumped into the human bloodstream via a tick or flea bite.

Best test for Lyme co-infections – courtesy of the Lyme Disease Research Database – If you have a diagnosis of Lyme disease, you should be aware that you may also be dealing with common co-infections such as Babesiosis, Ehrlichsiosis, or Bartonellosis. Get tested and treated for these additional inflictions, which can cause symptoms and impact the immune-system. What are some of the problems associated with co-infections? Well, it begins with not even knowing that you might have them. Not all diagnostics labs are created equal. We admire the work that is being done at IGeneX. Here are some of the reasons why. Same old Lyme-testing trouble… -continue-

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