ILADS Guidelines Going Mainstream

ILADS Guidelines Going Mainstream – now listed on National Guidelines Website

ILADS guidelines are finally going mainstream.  They have now been listed on the National Guidelines website for doctors and healthcare providers around the country (USA, so far), meaning they are being recognized as trustworthy.

ILADS Guidelines going mainstream
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The following article from ILADS is very good news for all those with Lyme disease and their loved ones (and frustrated healthcare providers).

ILADS treatment guidelines are now listed on the National Guidelines Clearinghouse Website.

(Sept 21, 2015) — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease occur annually in the US. ILADS guidelines, Evidence Assessments and Guideline Recommendations in Lyme disease: The Clinical Management of Known Tick Bites, Erythema Migrans Rashes and Persistent Disease” bring the latest scientific evidence to bear on the management of the illness. ILADS is proud to announce their guidelines are now available on the National Guidelines Clearinghouse (NGC) website.  —– more —–

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