Less is Better

Less is Better, an excerpt from an article of the same title by Dave Cottrell, on http://www.bogdanfiedur.info

“My grandfather and his family were supposed to be on board the Titanic.  My great grandfather was a cabinet maker and architect, educated at the University of Edinburgh.  He loved all things modern, and was extremely excited about taking his family on the greatest ship every built, as he moved his young family to Canada.   His children also were excited, as they had spent much time reading about this great ship and all the modern technology being put into it.

“But only a few weeks before the ship was scheduled to leave, word came to them from White Star Lines that the Titanic would not be ready on schedule.  It was going to be a few weeks late.  They gave them the option of traveling on schedule on an older, much smaller ship (and with a discount) or waiting the extra time for the new ship.”

Less is better!  If my great grandparents had been better off, there would have been no hurry for them to make the trip, no incentive to save money, and likely, no one writing this article, today!  Full article here:   http://www.bogdanfiedur.info/less-is-better/

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