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Finding an LLMD | Lyme-Aid.NET is an excellent resource for anyone struggling to get help.  This blog owner has plenty of personal experience dealing with doctors who know nothing about Lyme disease, and has some very helpful insights and suggestions.

She writes:

“I added this to my blog in an easier to read format I’ve blogged about it before that’s why there is some more info right before the list but it was so buried I wanted to bring attention to it again especially with recent comments and feedback about it being helpful.
You can also find me on twitter under GarzaB2701. I tweet about Lyme sometimes but also life too because Lyme is not my whole life…just a part of it. It does not define me. You can find me on Facebook Brittany Lyme Aware which most of my stuff is about Lyme. If I can help you in some way please get ahold of me.”



"Bulls-eye" Lyme Disease rash
“Bulls-eye” Lyme Disease rash, easily and often misdiagnosed as a spider bite.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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New Lyme bug and natural antibiotics

A new lyme bug and natural antibiotics

New Lyme bug and natural antibiotics

New Lyme Bug and Natural Antibiotics was originally published by the Lyme Disease Research Database on 01/19/13 10:12 – see link at end of snippet.


A friend and I had made a date to see a matinee. I was getting ready to leave when she called.

“I’m sick,” she managed hoarsely. “The flu….”

I decided that I needed an antidote to all the dire flu-bug warnings – and also to the unwelcome news story about the latest Lyme-like bug in the US, the Borrelia miyamotoi (more on that in a minute). So I picked up Herbal Antibiotics, 2nd Edition: Natural Alternatives for Treating Drug-resistant Bacteria. This is a good time to revisit the sound advice of master herbalist and author Stephen Buhner….

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via New Lyme bug and natural antibiotics | Lyme Disease Research Database.

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