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The Thirteenth Annual ILADS Lyme Disease Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on November 2-4, 2012 was a huge success and was our biggest conference to date.

While our main objectives are training of physicians worldwide and Lyme disease research, we are dedicated to bringing this information to those most affected: people suffering with Lyme disease and their family and friends.

To accomplish this goal, we are offering streaming of select presentations from the 2012 Boston ILADS Lyme disease conference to our international audience on 3 different weekends during the month of December 2012 free of charge.

Please join us in your region on a date shown below.

International Schedule

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Robert C. Bransfield, MD

Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD

Ann F. Corson, MD

Sam T. Donta, MD

Andrea Gaito, MD

Christine Green, MD

Nick S. Harris, PhD

Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Glenn Kantor, Esq

Daniel Kinderlehrer, MD

Mason Kuhn, MS

Neil Nathan, MD

Mala M. Rafik, Esq

Scott Riemer, Esq

Ginger Savely, DNP, FNP

Samuel Shor, MD

Raphael B. Stricker, MD
New! Medico-Legal Seminar: Lyme Disability Process
Panel Discussion

Leo J. Shea III, PhD

Glenn Kantor, Esq.

Mala M. Rafik, Esq.

Scott Riemer, Esq.


Disability Claims and Lyme Disease Part I:

The Process: How disability is defined and evaluated under the Social Security Disability system and under private insurance policies

Disability Claims and Lyme Disease Part II:

Making the Case: The medical and legal elements of making a claim for disability benefits for individuals suffering from chronic Lyme.

Disability Claims and Lyme Disease, Part III:

Overcoming the Hurdles: How to defend against the various justifications for denying coverage, including the mental illness defense and the claim that chronic Lyme does not exist or is not objectively verifiable

Disability Claims and Lyme Disease, Part IV:

Working Together: How providers and lawyers can collaborate to effectively represent their disabled patients

Find out the schedule in your region. Learn More ⇒

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