Chronic Lyme Disease is a Fact

Chronic Lyme Disease is a Fact, but most doctors don’t know that

by Dave Cottrell

Chronic Lyme Disease  is a fact that has been proven by very good science, yet it is still being denied by the IDSA.

Most GOOD doctors don’t realize that Lyme disease even exists in their area, because they are told by their own regulating body that it doesn’t.

English: This photograph depicts a white-foote...
English: This photograph depicts a white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, which is a wild rodent reservoir host of ticks, which are known to carry the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, responsible for Lyme disease. During their larval stage, Ixodidae, or “hard ticks” feed on small mammals, particularly the white-footed mouse, which serves as the primary reservoir for B. burgdorferi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the regional Centres for Disease Control often present contradictory information.  In my research on the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control website, which has posted a warning about Lyme disease being endemic to Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast (where I live), southern BC and the Kootenays in local newspapers every year since 2006, their warnings have been greatly toned down, when the evidence everywhere else is that the problem is increasing, rapidly.

For example, in Alberta, repeat testing shows that of the ticks known to potentially carry Borrelia burgdorferi (the Lyme bacterium), 20% of the ticks test positive.  In BC, the Center for Disease Control claims that only 0.5% test positive!

While the information given to front line doctors is bad in BC, it’s not good in most places where Lyme disease exists.  Germany is one of the few places in the Western World where it is being taken serious by the the majority in the medical profession.

The result of the disclaimers and plain bad information is that good doctors just aren’t looking for Lyme disease.  Because of this, it goes undiagnosed for too long, resulting in something called, “Chronic Lyme Disease.”

Due to the nature of Borrelia burgdorferi, which does not “like” oxygen, the helical shaped bacteria quickly burrow through the sides of the blood vessels into the surround tissue and organs, including the heart and brain.  There, they will form cysts and globulins that may stay inactive for years, or may reactivate as soon as the load in the blood drops, as it does after a brief round of antibiotics.

Borrelia burgdorferi has also been proven to form biofilms in blood vessels, which protects the organisms, even in the presence of antibiotics in the blood.  Other organisms, usually called, “co-infections,” also are able to live and reproduce inside the same biofilm.

What is known about organisms that produce biofilms is that they are ALWAYS chronic.  The IDSA still clearly and boldly claims that Chronic Lyme Disease does not exist, yet they are denying good, peer-reviewed science.  Dr. Alan MacDonald is one researcher who has done excellent, hands on research on this subject, and has proven, again in peer reviewed studies, that Borrelia produces a biofilm.  The IDSA, rather than openly deny his conclusions, is now doing all they can to discredit Dr. MacDonald, basically using a smear campaign to try to label him a quack, just as they have done to several very good doctors here in BC, who had an exceptional track record of curing people with Chronic Lyme Disease.

Please watch the following series of three short videos, each about twenty minutes long, where Dr. MacDonald shares in his frank, easy manner, the facts about Chronic Lyme Disease.

Please don’t give up if you think you have Lyme disease, but have been told you don’t.  The chances are very good that your doctor is using information that is outdated or simply incorrect.  Don’t hold it against your doctor, but if you have a large number of symptoms and no proper diagnosis, don’t rule out Lyme disease.

There are links on this site to places where you can check your symptoms.  Remember that such do not diagnose Lyme disease by themselves, but if you have a lot of these symptoms, you need to keep working until you either completely rule out Chronic Lyme Disease or start getting treatment for it.

Remember that even on the Centre for Disease Control sites, they state (unless they have removed it) that Lyme disease MUST BE diagnose clinically, meaning, via the symptoms.  Unless you see a Lyme Literate Medical Professional (LLMP), it’s very unlikely you will get an accurate diagnosis.

Remember that Fibermyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and others are describing SYMPTOMS, not the disease, itself.  In general, the causes of these multi-symptom CONDITIONS or SYNDROMES are not known.

Accepted research IS beginning to link these with organisms, such as a recently discovered retrovirus that has no known treatment at this time.

In closing, I would also encourage everyone to read this article on Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME, CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)  .  Remember that not all mysterious, multi-symptom illnesses are Lyme Disease!

Never give.  Send me a message or phone if you are having trouble getting help, or just want to talk.  I am finally getting better.  I want others to get better, too.  You can help by spreading the message.  Please share this article and this website.

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