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Lyme Blogs – Friends Helping Friends

Lyme blogs shared here are links to people like you and I who are suffering from chronic illness.  Please note the “open” term.  There are many chronic diseases, some of which are caused by Lyme disease, others by some other, often only recently or as yet not discovered pathogen.

The experience of others, so generously shared, can help us deal with the chronic pain, fatigue and overall suffering that comes with chronic illness.

Yes, Lyme blogs are generous.  Healthy people often find writing a blog a big challenge.  It isn’t easy to keep up with a blog so that it stays current.  It is MUCH harder for someone with a chronic illness.  Take it from me!

Remember as you pursue your own health and happiness that any illness requires careful diagnosis.  Also remember that medical practitioners are only human and can never know everything.  Only choose a medical practitioner you trust.  Never blindly trust a medical practitioner!

Many of us have been misdiagnosed in the past, which may well have contributed to our illness becoming chronic.  Never hate that doctor!  If he or she is not able to help you, remember we are all human and move on.  Find someone who CAN help you!

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