The Cowden Protocol

The Cowden Protocol for Lyme and Associated Diseases

The Cowden Protocol is something I am asked about from time to time by some of the fine people who call looking for treatment.   They often know a bit about what it is, but also want to know if it works.

What is the Cowden Protocol?

First of all, the name came from the person who created it, William Lee Cowden, MD.  The protocol, or treatment regimen, was developed to treat late stage Borreliosis (often called Lyme disease) and associated diseases (common coinfections).

Rather than go into great and unnecessary detail here, I will provide a direct link to a description of the protocol, HERE.  While the temptation may be great, as I can understand from being desperate for anything that offered any hope of recovery, don’t try to buy any products on that page.  You can get them for a 25% discount on their other site, which I will give you the link to later in this article.

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