Biofilm and Lyme Disease

by Dave Cottrell

Biofilm in Lyme disease, first discovered by Dr. Alan B. MacDonald, has horrible implications for Lyme disease sufferers.

Dr. MacDonald, a hospital forensic pathologist, has studied Alzheimers and Dementia for most of his life.  In his quest for answers, he decided to look for Lyme disease, specifically the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, in the brains of patients who had died with Alzheimers.

Dr, MacDonald’s reasoning was that Borrelia is an organism that is very similar to Syphilis, which has long been known to cause dementia when left untreated.  What he discovered shocked him.  In seven out of ten separate brain samples from the Harvard Brain bank, he discovered both Borrelia spirochetes and cysts in high numbers.  What REALLY caused the Dementia and eventual death of these patients?

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